Name of provider

TST South West CIC

Name of course

Post 16 Vocational Training

Who is this courses intended for?

Individuals looking for bespoke vocational training or subject specific training in Construction, Landbased and Animal Care.

Site/s where available

Merryhue Farm,
PL17 7HW

Key contact for questions about course

Katie Connell
01579 384798

Duration of course

32 week programme

Age range if applicable

18+ with EHCP

Key course content and outcomes
bullet points

Induction Incudes:

  • IA
  • My Future Plans
  • IAG & ILP
  • Staying Safe Online
  • Prevent
  • Fundamental British Value
  • Safeguarding

Course Info:

  • NOCN Functional Skills in English and Maths
  • OCN LR for Core qualification  (Entry level – Level 2)
  • Work Experience through Work Skills South West CIC


  • Soft Skills

End of Course Info:

  • Independent careers information, advice and guidance through CSW
  • Write CV
  • Interview Training
  • Supported transition into further education, supported workplaces, volunteering or apprenticeships.

Where appropriate TST will work with the Adult Social Care team to prepare young people for transition into independent living.

TST also will work with employers to engage with the Access to Work Fund to support future employees get the support they need to go into employment.

Entry requirements

Students will have an identified learning/cognitive need as specified within their EHCP; the EHCP will be fully discussed at students Year 10 review which will determine the suitability of the Post 16 offer.

Available qualifications


We offer rolling programmes throughout the academic year so learners can join at any point of the year. The qualification selected (Award, Certificate or Diploma) will be dependent on the number of guide learning hours achievable before the end of the academic year.

Awarding Body: OCN LR

Vocational , Progression and Employment Courses:

Induction to College: Entry 2 – Level 2 (Award)

Progression: Entry 3 – Level 2 (Award / Certificate / Diploma)

Employability: Entry 1 – Level 2 (Award / Certificate / Diploma)

Supported Learning Courses:

Independent Living: Entry 1 – Entry 3

Personal Progress: Entry 1

Employability: Entry 1 – Level 2

Subject Specific Courses:

L1 – Skills for Professions in Animal Care (Award / Certificate)

L2 – Skills for Professions in Horticulture, Environmental and Animal Care (Award / Certificate)

L1 Work Preparation for Building and Construction (Award / Certificate)

L2 Skills for Professions for Professions in Building and Construction (Award / Certificate)

Additional charges for families
e.g. swimming, pocket money for shopping

No – Free Transport available for certain pickups from Plymouth and Saltash

Optional expenses for families
e.g. non-essential trips

Are there opportunities for students to undertake educational activities which are outside of the formal curriculum offered – e.g. – Ten Tors challenge. Each educational activity should identify the cost of any payments requested from parents.

Timing across the week

Full time programme – 3 days a week: 18 hours per week.

We can also offer a flexible approach to the programme to allow a staged transition into the programme and can also work around specific appointments / meetings that a young person may need to attend.

Other Information

TST was named the Best Vocational Training Centre 2019 this year in the Private Education and Development Awards.

TST has been short listed for Best Community Learning for Young People in the National Institute for Outdoor Learning Awards 2019. Winners to be annonacin in October.

TST has been given an Award of Merit by MATRIX the National Inspectorate for Information Guidance and Advice.

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