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Post 16

All of Petroc’s courses are on offer to High Needs Learners if they have the entry requirements to access the course.  Petroc have courses from Pre Entry, Entry Level 1, 2,3, Level 1 Courses, Level 2 Courses, Level 3 Courses through to Higher Education.

Petroc have a Preparation for Adulthood Section for Learners with SLDD who would benefit from courses equipping them for a more independent life and work skills as well as transitioning to mainstream courses as appropriate.

Petroc have Progression Into Adulthood Courses for Pot 19 Learners to concentrate on preparing for work.

Petroc have Supported Internships, including Project Search, for learners with EHCP’s to support transition from college into paid employment.

Petroc have a Foundation Learning Section for learners that have behaviour that challenges or find mainstream educational settings difficult due to anxiety, mental ill health and/or Social, Emotional difficulties.

Site/s where available

Petroc Brannams Campus – Roundswell Barnstaple

Petroc Sticklepath Campus  – Sticklepath, Barnstaple

Petroc Tiverton Campus – Tiverton

Key contact for questions about course

Duration of course

Varies from course to course – please see course guide on website. Usually two years with the option of a third year but with an EHCP this learner journey can be extended due to the rate of progression and time needed to achieve the learning outcomes.

Age range if applicable


Key course content and outcomes
bullet points

All learners continue with GCSE English and maths if they do not have a 4 in English and/or maths.

Learners who cannot complete GCSE English and maths can take Functional Skills at Entry Level 1, 2 or 3 or at Level 1.

Occasionally a learner will take Practical Communication or Numeracy as a non-accredited English and maths option depending on the complexity of learning needs.

Petroc would like to be invited to all EHCP annual reviews in Year 11 if a learner is applying to Petroc.  This will ensure a transition can be set up and take place.  Taster days and transition events run throughout the year and so indication of intention to apply to Petroc neds to be made known to Mim White if the learner has High Needs.

All learners are on a learning journey from the start at Petroc and are supported to their preferred destination with the focus on Further/Higher Education, Employment and or an increased independence.

Petroc have an independent careers advisor and work closely with CSW Group.

Entry requirements

Students will have an identified learning/cognitive need as specified within their EHCP; the EHCP will be fully discussed at students Year 10 review which will determine the suitability of the  Post 16 offer.

Available qualifications

Accreditation routes are personalised for each student with High Needs.  If a learner is taking an academic or vocational course they will be accredited by the respective awarding body.  Details can be found on the website as the course list is extensive.

Likely progression

Progression to the next level as appropriate academically.

Progression to Supported Internship is the most appropriate route for many learners with EHCP’s. This supports transition into employment.

Additional charges for families
e.g. swimming, pocket money for shopping

Each course has an additional fee that will be discussed at the interview and is detailed on the website. This fee ranges depending on the equipment, trips, visits etc that the course requires. There is an administration fee for all courses.

Additional exspenes for families
e.g. none essential trips

As per the details of the courses. There are opportunities for educational trips and residential activities that will incur a cost in addition to the other additional charges.

Timing across the week

Average of 15-17 hours of teaching per week.

For Preparation for Adulthood and Progression into Adulthood the hours are 17.5 teaching hours with a total of 26 hours of support per week if support is required.

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