Name of provider

Kehelland College (Kehelland Trust)

Name of course

Post 16

Site/s where available

Kehelland Trust  (Duchy College one day a week with Kehelland staff)

Key contact for questions about course

Adam Shore

Duration of course

2 years with possible progression to 3rd year.

ASB funded courses (where funding is available) for learners to progress after reaching 25.

Age range if applicable

16 – 25 with an Education and Health Care Plan

Key course content and outcomes
bullet points

Year 1:

Accredited learning: E3 or L1 Certificate in progression

  • Public transport – Deciding on a day out, researching transport options and costs, booking tickets, eating out, planning food choices, ordering food/drinks and managing money.
  • Basic food preparation in our classroom kitchen – Selecting ingredients to make meals, using utensils safely i.e. whisks, chopping, peelers. Preparing food safely and hygienically. Storing food safely – research on laptops. Keeping work area and utensils/equipment clean.
  • English and Maths half a day a week.
  • Work experience Fridays Based at Duchy College (with Kehelland staff) – Enterprise project including English and Maths skills, mental health wellbeing social media wellbeing/emotional resilience, healthy relationships.
  • Duke of Edinburgh award during work experience days (Developing young people for life and work) Bronze – Volunteering (making a difference to help others), skills (discover something you are really good at), Physical (focus on your health and fitness), Expedition (working as a small team, communication skills).

Spring Term 2020 – As above; accredited units as below

  • Health and fitness including mental health wellbeing – Relative progression to current health and fitness. Bespoke individual program worked out with learners. Includes a taster session to local gyms/activities.
  • Discover local stories – Including experiential learning to local mines and attractions, research skills using the laptop and a trip to the library. Presentation skills – in a format of the learner’s choice.
  • Garden horticulture – Researching vegetables and plants that can be grown. Sowing seeds, sowing plants, preparing an open bed, pricking out plants, maintenance of plants. Activities will include experiential learning to other gardens i.e. Trelissick, team work (preparing ground), learning what you can grow at home in small spaces including what you can grow to eat.
  • Taking part in an activity – Identify an activity to do, demonstrate participation in an activity, identify what worked well, identify what has been learned or gained.

Summer Term 2020 As above; accredited units as below:

  • Household skills – Sorting washing, using a washing machine, ironing clothes, cleaning products, what to use where, cleaning safely, storing cleaning products safely, emergencies, gas leak, water (finding a stop cock), fire, what to do in an emergency situation, where to get help including your own home situation.
  • Learners have a small budget to plan their end of year celebration event, they create invitations and design the event.

Year 2:

Diploma in progression E3/L1.

Accredited units:          

  • Assertive Living: How to have more confidence to live your life the way you want to.
  • General skills for independent living: How to be more independent and do more for yourself in your life.
  • Teamwork Skills: How to work well with other people to get things done.
  • Understanding time management in the workplace: How to make the best use of your time.
  • Introduction to career preparation: Helping you to understand what you might need to get a job.
  • Developing skills for gaining employment: Getting you ready to apply for a job

Work experience day 2nd year:

  • Supported External work experience

Taster sessions with external agencies i.e. Pluss, Supported Internship options, IAG through National careers service with Kehelland staff to ensure appropriateness of options and effective communication with learners.

Entry requirements

Students will have an identified learning/cognitive need as specified within their EHCP; the EHCP will be fully discussed at students Year 10 review which will determine the suitability of the   Post 16 offer.

Learners will need to be working at E2/E3 or L1.

Available qualifications


Kehelland are accredited through OCN London

Courses  which include:

Entry level 3 or Level 1 certificate or diploma in progression

Likely progression

Accredited units offer opportunities for learners to increase independence; public transport, basic food preparation, household skills, taking part in activities, horticulture (growing food). English and Maths half a day a week currently mapped to OCN London units.

Learners are supported by Kehelland staff in year 2 to undertake external work experience with employers we work with. In general terms Kehelland is an operational site open to the public, opportunities exist to work with the public, customer service, working in the catering kitchen learning food preparation, drink preparation serving meals, taking money, giving change. We supply various businesses in the County including Cornish Food box

Health and fitness unit supports learners to increase awareness of relationship between mental health wellbeing and physical health.

Food preparation and horticulture units allow for discussions around eating well on a budget. Learners have access to a healthy cooked lunch at kehelland through our catering kitchen using produce grown on site. Learners will often try new foods as peers are eating the lunches increasing the range of foods they will eat which results in improvements in health.

Specialist support staff work with the Education team to embed opportunities to increase mental health wellbeing and emotional resilience where the curriculum offers natural opportunities. Mental health first aid qualified staff are on site in the Education team.

Our physical site is 16 acres including quiet areas we have a wildlife pond, apple orchards, Christmas tree plantation, flower tunnels, poly tunnels etc… our site naturally lends itself to people feeling relaxed, being able to find quiet space, outside space that support sensory needs.
We have yoga and fit to wiggle on site every week alongside other activities including pottery which learners attend if they would like to – majority do.

Additional charges for families
e.g. swimming, pocket money for shopping


Optional expenses for families
e.g. non-essential trips


Timing across the week

Year 1 is Wed, Thu, Fri (Duchy)

Year 2 is Mon, Tue, Wed (Duchy)

Other Information

Facebook search: Kehelland College

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